Zerokay Top Picks

Essential Ski Gear for Every Condition

From the first snowfall to the last run of the season, Zerokay’s got the essential ski gear you need. We understand that skiing conditions can shift rapidly. That’s why every piece in our collection, from helmets to goggles, is meticulously crafted to meet those changing needs.

Bright and Sunny Days

On those crystal-clear sunny days, the right ski gear makes all the difference. Ensure your vision stays sharp with our ‘Contrast’ goggles, featuring a red lens. Complement it with our ‘Legend TechMatt’ helmet in Oxford Blue. Both pieces are quintessential additions to your essential ski gear collection, promising both style and peak performance.


Overcast and Snowy Conditions

When clouds cast a shadow over the slopes, your essential ski gear should adapt. Navigate with confidence using our ‘IconPro’ goggles, equipped with a grey strap and gold photochromatic lenses – perfect for enhancing contrast in flat light. Pair it with our ‘Legend UltraGloss’ helmet in Castleton green, ensuring you’re not just protected, but also looking your best.

Mixed Light Conditions

For those unpredictable weather days, Zerokay’s got the essential ski gear ready. Our ‘Magnet’ goggles boast interchangeable lenses, ensuring optimal vision no matter the light. Combined with our ‘Legend UltraGloss’ helmet in Alaska white, you’re set for whatever Mother Nature throws your way.

More Combinations Await!
While we've showcased a few of our top gear combinations, many more essential ski gear options await in our collection.