Black Ski Goggles

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Black Ski Goggles


These premium frameless ski goggles blend style, comfort and control for the ultimate ride on the slopes.

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Product FAQ

Our Icon Grey Strap Ski Goggles from Zerokay Sports is a perfect blend of modern design and timeless elegance. These frameless ski goggles offer a chic look and unobstructed view that appeals to both seasoned skiers and those new to the winter sports scene.

As premium ski goggles, they deliver an exclusive and luxurious appearance, seamlessly melding comfort with high-end functionality. Meeting ISO 18527-1:2021 standards, our goggles are the epitome of safety and performance, reflecting Zerokay Sports’ commitment to creating unparalleled winter gear.

Our Icon Grey Strap Goggles stand out as true frameless ski goggles, offering adaptability with your lens choices. Select from the enduring appeal of black, the reflective grace of silver mirror, or the distinguished charm of deep blue. Each lens choice within these premium ski goggles ensures optimal protection, clarity and safety.

The medium fit and 170 mm large frameless design of these frameless ski goggles guarantee a comfortable fit for various face shapes and sizes, exuding a sleek and stylish appearance. The exclusive grey strap with black logo adds a signature touch of elegance, ensuring a secure fit that emphasizes style.

Complementing these features are the anti-fog and anti-scratch treatments that extend the lifespan and functionality of these premium ski goggles. Whether you’re exploring backcountry trails or cruising down groomed slopes, the Icon Grey Strap Ski Goggles provide continuous clear vision, allowing you to experience the mountains to the fullest.

Our commitment to quality extends to comfort features such as triple-layer foam and antibacterial polar fleece finishing. These additions to our frameless ski goggles ensure a soft and hygienic fit on the face, enhancing comfort during prolonged use. Every detail resonates with the adventurous spirit of the mountains.

Included with your purchase of these premium ski goggles is a microbag adorned with the Zerokay logo for convenient storage and lens cleaning. Handcrafted in Italy, these frameless ski goggles reflect superior quality, design and craftsmanship, embodying manufacturing excellence.

These premium ski goggles are not just about aesthetics; they represent a lifestyle choice. They’re for those who seek a sophisticated blend of form and function, a product that truly aligns with their personal style.

  • Certification: ISO 18527-1:2021
  • Large Frameless Ski Goggles Design
  • Exclusive Grey Strap: Uniquely stylish, adding a personal touch to these premium ski goggles.
  • Lens Options:
    • Black Lens: Refined and sophisticated.
    • Silver Mirror Lens: Reflective and upscale.
    • Blue Mirror Lens: Vibrant and chic.
  • Cylindrical Form Lens: Enhanced peripheral vision for a premium visual experience.
  • Anti-Fog and Anti-Scratch Treatments: Superior vision clarity.
  • Triple-Layer Foam and Antibacterial Polar Fleece Finishing: Ultimate comfort and hygiene.
  • Microbag with Zerokay Logo: Convenient and elegant storage.
  • Made in Italy

Certification: ISO 18527-1:2021
Certifies the Icon Grey  Strap Ski Goggles as adhering to international safety standards, reflecting Zerokay’s commitment to premium quality and optimal performance in skiing and snowboarding.

Fit and Design
Medium Fit, 170 mm Large Frameless Design. A symbol of style and comfort, crafted for diverse face shapes and sizes, offering an elegant and premium skiing experience.

Exclusive Grey Strap with Easy-to-Adjust Silicone Grippers – Combines style with functionality, ensuring the goggles remain secure while providing a distinctive and luxurious appearance.

Lens Options

  • Black Lens: S3 protection, capturing the refined charm and sophistication.
  • Silver Mirror Lens: S3 protection, for a reflective and upscale aesthetic.
  • Blue Mirror Lens: S3 protection, vibrant and chic, enhancing visual clarity.
    Check our lens guide for more premium lens details

Lens Features
Cylindrical Form Lens for Improved Peripheral Vision – Enhances awareness on the slopes with a premium visual experience, helping to detect obstacles and fellow skiers.

Anti-Fog and Anti-Scratch Treatments
Preserves clear vision with superior treatments, ensuring uninterrupted performance and pleasure in these premium ski goggles.

Comfort Features
Triple-Layer Foam and Antibacterial Polar Fleece Finishing – Delivers unparalleled comfort and hygiene for prolonged use, keeping the experience fresh and satisfying.

Additional Features
Microbag with Zerokay Logo for Storage and Lens Cleaning: A convenient touch that adds to the care and longevity of these premium goggles.
Made in Italy – An embodiment of superior Italian craftsmanship and design, resonating with the exclusivity and elegance of premium ski goggles, setting them apart in both style and functionality.

The Icon Grey Strap Ski Goggles are the epitome of sophistication and quality. As frameless ski goggles, they exude an air of exclusivity, meeting the needs of those who seek only the best in winter sports gear. These premium frameless ski goggles are more than just a functional accessory: they are a statement of taste and refinement, setting you apart on the slopes. Crafted with attention to every detail, they offer a blend of style and comfort that resonates with the passion for the mountains.

Shipping & Returns

Currently, Zerokay offers delivery exclusively within Switzerland and Europe.

For details on our shipping fees and return policies, please click here: shipping , refund and return.

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Lens Color

Black, Blue, Silver

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  1. Elisabetta Garro

    Love it, great view also with the worst weather

    • Team Zerokay

      Thank you for your feedback! Thrilled to hear you love our products and the view they provide, regardless of the weather. Enjoy!

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