Black Unisex Ski Helmet

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UltraGloss | Onyx Black

Black Unisex Ski Helmet


The Legend UltraGloss Onyx Black fuses fit, style and unrivaled comfort. It’s one of our top adjustable ski helmets.


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On the snow-covered slopes, every detail matters, every moment is precious. Your helmet, more than just an accessory, reflects your passion for skiing and your taste for excellence. Zerokay Sports helmets are designed for those who, like you, seek to combine performance and prestige, without compromise.

By wearing a Zerokay Sports helmet, you are choosing much more than high-quality protection. You are opting for a symbol of refinement, a centerpiece of your gear that harmonizes with the elegance of your turns on the slopes. Each helmet is an ode to Italian finesse, a promise of durability and comfort wrapped in luxurious aesthetics.

Imagine yourself racing down the slopes, your helmet echoing the brilliance of the crystalline snow. It is not just an object, but a companion that speaks of who you are: a skier who does not just follow but leads with style. You do not follow trends, you set them. It is this very essence that our helmets seek to capture and celebrate.

With Zerokay Sports helmets, every element is meticulously chosen for its quality and aesthetics. From the inner padding to the shiny outer shell, each helmet is the result of extensive research and a keen attention to detail. Italian craftsmanship, known for its excellence and lifestyle, ensures that each helmet meets your expectations.

The noble materials used in our helmets are chosen for their robustness and their ability to enhance the skier’s experience. These materials, combined with a careful design, offer a unique experience: that of feeling fully integrated into the majestic mountain ambiance while being protected by an armor of elegance.

Choosing a Zerokay Sports helmet means telling the world that you understand the value of craftsmanship, that you know what true quality is. You show that for you, skiing is more than a sport, it is an expression of your identity. You are not just looking to be seen, you are seeking to be recognized for your impeccable taste and your commitment to quality.

The Zerokay Sports helmet range embodies elegance and desire, designed for those who know how to recognize and appreciate refinement without breaking the bank. These helmets are the embodiment of affordable and impressive luxury, capturing attention and admiration, ensuring a superior and stylish skiing experience.

You are not just wearing a helmet, you are making a statement. You join an exclusive circle of individuals who recognize that quality and style are not a luxury, but a necessity. With Zerokay Sports, luxury is redefined: accessible, aesthetic, and absolutely essential for the distinguished skier.

Whether for comfort, safety, or appearance, your helmet is there to ensure that every outing is an event, every descent a demonstration of your passion for skiing and your commitment to the best. Because on the slopes, as in life, you make no compromises. You live with style.


Experience the perfect blend of safety, comfort, and style with our Zerokay Black Ski Helmet. Designed for the discerning skier, this helmet meets the rigorous EN1077:2007 Class B safety standards, ensuring top-notch protection on the slopes. The helmet’s construction features a robust ABS outer shell paired with a shock-absorbing polystyrene inner shell, providing superior durability without compromising on weight. At a mere 500 grams (XXS-XS), it promises a lightweight experience, enhancing your skiing performance and comfort.

Customize your fit with our innovative Micro Metrical buckle and size adjustment system, tailored for a snug, secure fit every time. The helmet’s comfort is further elevated by luxurious Alcantara padding on the chin strap, ensuring soft, irritation-free contact throughout your ski runs.

Equipped with an adjustable air-flow system, our helmet allows you to regulate ventilation, keeping you cool and fog-free in varying weather conditions. The advanced Shalimar sanitized fabrics with MICROSENSE technology offer an exceptional feel against the skin, while the 2DRY technology ensures efficient moisture evaporation, keeping you dry and comfortable.

Each helmet is carefully packaged for safe transport and is proudly made in Italy, reflecting exquisite craftsmanship and superior quality. Choose our Zerokay Black Ski Helmet for an unparalleled skiing experience, where safety and luxury go hand in hand.

  • ABS outer shell and polystyrene inner shell
  • Lightweight design
  • Alcantara padding
  • Size adjustment system
  • Micro Metrical buckle¬†
  • Goggle clip system
  • MICROSENSE fabric technology
  • 2DRY fabric technology
  • SANITIZED fabric treatmen
  • UltraGloss finish

Safety and Standards

  • Compliant with EN1077:2007 Class B, offering the standard for advanced helmets for skiing.
  • Constructed with a robust ABS outer shell and a polystyrene inner shell for high impact protection.
  • Guarantees peace of mind with its EU safety requirements compliance, an essential feature in any advanced helmet for skiing.


Design and Comfort

  • Lightweight design, with the smallest size weighing only 500 grams.
  • Features a Micro Metrical buckle for easy adjustment, manageable even with gloves.
  • High comfort helmet, incorporating Alcantara padding on the chin strap for enhanced comfort.
  • Equipped with a size adjustment system at the back, ensuring a perfect fit tailored to your head shape.
  • Integrated rear goggle clip system for convenient goggle securement.


Ventilation and Climate Control

  • Adjustable air-flow system with an easy-to-use slide adjuster, allowing full control over ventilation – a crucial feature in advanced helmets for skiing.


Advanced Fabric Technology

The interior of our high-comfort helmet is lined with Shalimar sanitized Fabrics 

  • MICROSENSE technology, offering a soft touch, high-performance breathability, and superior comfort, enhancing the overall skiing experience.
  • 2DRY technology with hydrophilic treatment for quick drying, ensuring moisture evaporation and a fresh feel, even during vigorous skiing.
  • SANITIZED treatment, providing optimal hygiene function with antibacterial properties, an anti-odor effect, mould prevention, and protection against dust-mites, maintaining a clean and odor-free interior.


Additional Features

  • Each UltraGloss Onyx Black helmet includes protective packaging for safe transport.
  • Proudly made in Italy, a testament to exceptional durability and superior quality.
  • The helmet’s UltraGloss finish creates an aesthetic appeal, setting you apart on the slopes.


Overall, the Ultra Gloss Onyx Black Ski Helmet embodies the epitome of luxury ski helmet design. With its adjustable ski helmet features, including a precise size adjustment system and micro metrical buckle, it ensures an impeccable fit. Coupled with the sleek UltraGloss finish and high-quality materials like Alcantara padding, this helmet promises an unmatched blend of style, comfort, and protection. Shine on the slopes with this exquisite fusion of elegance and innovation.


Shipping & Returns

Currently, Zerokay offers delivery exclusively within Switzerland and Europe. 

For details on our shipping fees and return policies, please click here: shipping , refund and return.

Should you have any questions or need assistance, our team is just a click away. 


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  1. Elisabetta Garro

    So beautiful and comfortable

    • Team Zerokay

      Thank you for your kind words! We’re glad you find our products beautiful and comfortable.

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